TelcoDB     SIP-Trunk and Internet Network Metering @ Demarcation Point (DMARC)

SIP Trunk + Internet Network Meter

dashboard-icon Network Dashboard: CC/UC builds on top of networks, our real-time dashboard provides a reliable Telco network visibility and insights into traffic anomalies. Security-icon Network Security: Simple to use UI and 24/7/365 network analytics simplifies any tasks of network forensics, network security and billing audits.
endpoint-icon Endpoint Analytics: 24/7/365 UTC-timestamped CDR analytics for all external & internal phone numbers and IP endpoints. Alert-icon Traffic Alert: Generate email alerts for endpoint traffic anomalies and when too many calls from customers are blocked at DMARC.
QoS-icon Network QoS: 24/7/365 UTC-timestamped traffic analytics of all SIP trunks and IP/Internet connections to Telco/ISPs. Validate SLA, bandwidth provisioning and application QoS. Wireshark-icon Wireshark: Capture IP packets from DMARC for network troubleshooting, analysis, software and communications protocol development, and voice quality audit.
R-Project-icon Report: Automatic daily report in PDF / CSV format using R language. bi-icon Bi: Built-in support to integrate withexcel-iconExcel and export CSV data to business systems. Supplement network customer-endpoint analytics to CRM / CX / OSS for better BI.

Smart SIP-IP Meter for DMARC

gold-coin-icon Telco/ISP networks terminate into CC/UC at DMARC, therefore it is the golden reference point for reliable network endpoints and traffic analytics.
universal-icon Applicable to all Telco and ISP networks, UC/CC platforms from Cisco, Avaya, MITEL, Microsoft Skype, etc. With 100% network visibility at DMARC, TelcoDB can operate independently without interference with the performance of SBC, CRM, CX and other applications.
iot-icon Implementation is quick and simple, our smartphone-sized meter is designed to quickly connect to DMARC through network TAPs or mirror ports from edge routers, it is as simple as connecting IoT device to the cloud. Learn More …

TelcoDB – A simple and accurate solution for SIP Trunk and Internet Network analytics, monitor and troubleshooting

cloud-icon Cloud: Access to real-time network dashboard and download daily R report and CSV files of network analytics. Improve CC/UC operation effectiveness by adding live network visibility to wallboard and baseline network analytics to daily performance review. Live Dashboard
Telco SIP-trunk Dashboard
windows-icon Windows App: Standalone Windows App is designed for enterprises, service providers and consultants who need a versatile software tool for SIP Trunk and Internet network analytics, monitor and troubleshooting.
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Network Connection Internet LAN / VPN
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