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IP & SIP-Trunk Network Analytics


  Description Demarcation Point Supervision Unit (DPSU) Part#
1. IP-SIP Network Analytics Software License, Windows, 128 DPSUs I-40014
  Description Dimensions Port Part#
1. IP-SIP DPSU, 2 x 1G RJ45 4.9″ x 0.8″ x 4.7″ (124mm x 19mm x 120mm) 2 I-D200
2. IP-SIP DPSU, 4 x 1G RJ45 9.1″ x 1.7″ x 6.7″ (230mm x 44mm x 170mm) 4 I-D300
3. IP-SIP DPSU, 6 x 1G RJ45, 4 x 10G SFP+ 10″ x 1.7″ x 8.9″ (254mm x 43mm x 226mm) 10 I-D400
SFP+: 1G RJ45 I-D200 I-D300 I-D400
  10G LC / 10G-DAC / 10G RJ45 DPSU I-D200 DPSU I-D300 DPSU I-D400

PRI Network Analytics

DPSU P-31011-8

  Description Demarcation Point Supervision Unit (DPSU) Part#
1. PRI Network Analytics Software License, Windows, 128 DPSUs P-31010
  Description Port Part#
1. PRI DPSU, 2D, 2 T1/E1 FAS or 32 T1/E1 NFAS 2 P-31011-2
2. PRI DPSU, 4D, 4 T1/E1 FAS or 64 T1/E1 NFAS 4 P-31011-4
3. PRI DPSU, 8D, 8 T1/E1 FAS or 128 T1/E1 NFAS 8 P-31011-8

Network TAPs

  Description Port Passive Part#
1. T1/E1 TAP with cable 1 Yes P-50100-1
2. Garland Failsafe 1G Copper TAP with cable 1 No GA-P1GCCB
3. Garland optical TAP, LC-LC, MMF, 50/125μm, 850nm, Split 70/30 1 Yes GA-OM4701
3. Garland optical TAP, LC-LC, MMF, 62.5/125μm, 850nm, Split 70/30 1 Yes GA-OM1701
4. Garland optical TAP, LC-LC, SMF, 9/125μm, 1310nm, Split 70/30 1 Yes GA-OS2507
Passive: Requiring no power

garland-technology-logoGarland Technology’s network test access points (TAPs) guarantees precise data monitoring capabilities ensuring 100% packet capture for Prilink’s VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting solution. SPAN/Mirror ports can add delays, jitter and cause timing issues, a simple, purpose built network TAP will regenerate network traffic to ensuring complete and instant visibility.

Garland Technology offers a complete product line of network (TAPs) including: network TAPs that support breakout, aggregation, filtering, regeneration/SPAN and bypass modes; packet brokering and load balancing; all available in portable models for onsite trouble-shooting or 1U or 2U modular chassis systems. Garland network TAPs support all networks, including copper wire in 10/100M, 10/100/1000M and fiber in 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G. Garland’s network TAPs avoid introducing additional software that could be a point of failure to your network – allowing you to see every bit, byte and packet®. For more information, visit http://www.garlandtechnology.com