PRI-demarc is an online service providing accurate network analytics by metering at the Telco demarc – in front of PBX.   Using this service, call centre managers can monitor all ACD queues at front and online,  generate comprehensive ACD report including baseline network-analytics, and optimize ACD resources during peak hours with minimum call-blockage – delivering the best customer service experiences.

pri-dashboard Online PRI dashboard provides the real-time view of all B-channel activities and the overview of call centre traffic.
acd-summary ACD dashboard provides the real-time view of call traffic and blockage of individual and aggregated ACD queues.
pri-report Daily R-report and analytics, including all blocked calls at demarc, of ACD and DID.
sms-alert-icon Send SMS alert for T1/E1 circuit failure and ACD traffic anomalies as defined by queue threshold, call blockage and volume.
wrench-screwdriver-icon Simply connect demarc-meter to the T1/E1 monitor jacks and get on to our service in 5 minutes.