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Demarc Point Supervision Unit (DPSU)

Using non-intrusive real-time protocol analysis technique, DPSU provides 100% network traffic analytics and metadata directly from network Demarc Point, without relying upon data from internal server or network equipment.

Independent of VM host and internal network, users can safely use DPSU to collect network information and debug business application performance simultaneously during peak traffic periods  -  without impact to business.

Designed to track all voice and applications automatically, DPSU requires no programming and can be deployed to networks of any size in short notice.

Rather than storing all data packets for later use, DPSU generates network analytics and metadata in real-time and can transfer compact data without burdening network bandwidth. As data are compact in size, users can keep data for years in a PC without using expensive large storage facilities.


  1. 4-yr omni-traffic analytics provides data to validate CRM traffic statistics, optimize work force management and accelerate collaboration with Telco to resolve challenging network issues quickly.
  2. 4-yr network metadata provides details for network security forensics, tcp/udp port exposure, network provisioning, QoS and SLA audits.
  3. DPSU provides safe access point for IT developers to accurately monitor customer-facing application-VM performance and capture data packets in real-time @10Gbps  -  without any impact to VM host performance or latency added to applications.

Simple and Cost Effective

Requiring only a single software license that can support up to 64 DPS units, Prilink's solution can be deployed quickly and cost effectively for networks of any sizes.