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  • PRI, IP, SIP Networks' Demarc Point Supervision Unit (DPSU)
Demarc Point Network Analytics

Based on real-time protocol analysis and non-intrusive connection to PRI, SIP and IP network monitor ports, Demarc Point Supervision Unit (DPSU) can provide 4-year traffic analytics (bi-directional speed and bandwidth) and metadata (CDR) of all voice and IP connections, and capture data packets up to 2Gbyte data block at 10Gbit/s.

Requiring no CPU, memory and LAN controller resources from network equipment or application servers, DPSU can be trusted to provide independent traffic analytics and metadata during peak network traffic periods without causing any data packet loss or adding latency to business applications.

Compatible to all PRI, SIP and IP network demarcation points, DPSU is designed to monitor all voice and data communications automatically. As there is no need to prepare for setting up internal network equipment and application servers, small DPSU can be deployed to any business networks around the globe in short notice.


  1. Determine the cause of network problems, such as blocked calls, intermittent connection failure and sluggish application performance, between Telco and internal networks. Provide detailed network traffic analytics and metadata to accelerate collaboration with service providers to resolve problems quickly.
  2. Generate daily network reports of all voice, data and other business applications. PRI, SIP and IP network provisioning, network QoS, IP TCP/UDP port configuration and SLA audits. Search network traffic analytics and CDR by phone number, MAC address, VLAN, or IP address over daily or monthly periods. Network forensics, such as identifying external network endpoints accessing network services. Network management guideline compliance.
  3. Without any impact to VM host and network equipment performance, add network analytics and metadata (CDR) to business applications using R. Troubleshoot application problems by capturing data packets from demarcation point at 10Gbit/s and analyze captured data using network diagnostics tools such as Wireshark, Snort, etc.

Simple and Cost Effective

Adding network analytics to business intelligence (BI) is simple and cost effective. Requiring only a standalone DPSU-interface software to control up to 64 DPSU, telecom managers can centralize demarcation point network traffic monitoring, troubleshooting, audit and report based on data stored locally in a single PC/server without requiring expensive logistics and storage costs. Also IT developers can enhance network dependent business applications with reliable demarc point network analytics by adding just a few lines of code using R language into existing software program (www.r‑