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  • Independent Network Insights for Contact Centre
  • elco demarc point network traffic monitor
  • Managed Network using Demarc Point Supervision Unit (DPSU)
  • Hosted call centre network traffic monitor
Demarc Point Supervision (DPS)

Using non-intrusive real-time protocol analysis technique, network DPS unit provides 100% network traffic analytics directly from network Demarc Point or Mirror Port, without relying upon proprietary data coming from network equipment and server.

Requiring no CPU and memory resources from network servers, users can use DPS unit to collect network analytics and troubleshoot network problems using DPI during heavy traffic, without any impact to network performance.

As programming network server is unnecessary for standalone DPS unit, user can safely deploy DPS unit to monitor any Telco and internal networks in short notice.

Rather than storing all data packets for later use, DPS unit compiles network analytics in real-time and can transfer compact data without burdening network bandwidth. As data are compact in size, users can keep data for years in a PC without using expensive large storage facilities.


  • Monitor network traffic, audit bandwidth provisioning and network Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Collect inbound and outbound network traffic for business operation optimization.
  • Capture all network events, 24/7/365, for incident response, analytics & network forensics.
  • Complete bi-directional traffic spectrum from MAC, VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q), IP, IP+Port, IP-IP, PRI, and SIP (RFC 3261).
  • Troubleshoot blocked voice calls using PRI cause code and SIP response code.
  • Troubleshoot PRI, SIP and IP network problems using real-time data capture (DPI).
  • Provide network traffic analytics to accelerate collaboration with service providers to resolve problems quickly.

Simple and Cost Effective

Requiring only a single software license and smartphone sized DPS unit, Prilink's solution for contact centre can be deployed quickly and cost effectively for networks of any sizes.