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Demarcation Point Network Analytics

As business, cloud services, call and data centres is interconnected to the networks of telecommunication companies (Telco) through the demarcation point (DP), it is the best network access point to monitor business communication..

Capable of measuring network traffic and generating call detail records (CDR) of all Voice, Internet and other IP traffic types at DP in real-time, Prilink's IP-SIP Monitor and PRI Monitor provide accurate 4-year network analytics that is unavailable from other internal management systems.

Using the data, business gains insights and control over their network connections into the digital world.


  • DP data is network-vendor neutral. It is used to validate the QoS settings of internal networks and application servers against actual network traffic at DP
  • Quickly differentiate network from business application problems at DP, shortening the time to bring business back to normal
  • Optimize call centre operations to reduce call-blockage based on the actual number of callers being blocked at DP
  • DP data is used as a network performance baseline to change the QoS and other settings of internal networks and application servers for better user experiences
  • Perform network forensics and security audit based on the 4-year authentic metadata from DP
  • Collaborate effectively with Telcos to verify Service Level Agreement (SLA), and network provisioning based on DP history
Simple and Cost Effective

Designed to be simple to implement and use, Prilink's monitor system consists of a single standalone Windows desktop software, small sized Demarcation Point Supervision (DPS) units, and a mid range PC to store data for 4 years.

Compatible to all Telco networks and business communication platforms, IP-SIP Monitor and PRI Monitor can be quickly deployed to networks from 1 to 64 sites worldwide and are cost effective for businesses of all sizes.

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